Do you provide installation? Installation is provided by our trained and certified installer who has over 25 years experience in the construction industry. At the time of installation our installer will survey the structural integrity of the garage and recommend where to install the units.

Can I install the units myself? We strongly recommend having your storage system professionally installed by our certified and trained installer. Your storage system is load-bearing with significant weight above you and your family's heads as well as your vehicles. Product failure due to an improper installation can result in serious injuries to people and serious damage to vehicles. There are two main problems homeowners face when attempting to install overhead systems on their own. Interestingly, neither problem has anything to do with locating the studs, trusses, or joists. The challenges people face center around hidden electrical, gas, and water lines as well as ceiling stress caused by overloading their trusses/joists.

My ceiling is low and there is no room above my garage door? A common misunderstanding about overhead storage shelves is that they're only supposed to be installed above the garage door.  Not true! If there is no room above your garage door, we'll install your shelves forward of your door in the open corridor that usually exists between your garage door opener motor and the back wall. In fact, many customers who do have room above their garage doors still choose to have their systems installed deeper into their garages because it allows the shelves to be extended lower since there is no garage door to avoid.

The ceiling only needs to be 8 feet or taller.

How much weight will the units hold? See product page for information on weight limits Product Specifications

I see other companies selling overhead units. Why should I buy yours? Hyloft is the originator in the garage overhead storage systems. Our Pro Series Garage Overhead Racks and wall shelves are the best product on the market today, bar none! We use the thickest gauge wire out of any of the racks on the market today giving the system added strength. Our Mounting bracket design and unique versatile down rods allow unit to be anchored directly into your ceiling joist using three large lag screws. Other units can only connect their down rods to the corners of the unit, which limits their ability to anchor directly into the ceiling joist. They use extended brackets called rails to support the units. See Bracket Comparison

Another feature that stands out above the rest is the 2 Inch Safety lip around the perimeter of the unit. This prevents boxes from sliding off the other side when you are loading up your racks. Units such as Safe Racks have no lip and boxes can slide off when loading up your unit.

We use 12 Gauge Steel on the rails and downrods of the unit. Remember the lower the gauge the thicker the material. Most will advertise 14 Gauge, and others will not even mention the steel thickness. As steel prices go up, the units that do not mention thickness are making the units with thinner material to save money. We have maintainted the same quality units over the years.

Do you warranty your products? All of our products carry a lifetime warranty barring any alterations, modifications, additions or repairs done by owner.

What other things should I consider when choosing a storage system? There are many factors to consider when deciding on your garage storage system. We have provided a list of 10 things to consider when making that choice. Factors to Consider

I am ready to get started, what next? After just a 5 minute conversation, we'll give you an estimate and arrange a time to meet with you. We'll take measurements of your space and make recommendations based on your storage needs and your ceiling structure. For your convenience, our trained and certified installers will even install on the same visit! We'll help you SAVE TIME on your project.

How long does the install take? Depending on how much work is being done, an average job will take only a few hours. After a few hours you will be on your way to Total Garage Organization!